Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Secret Weapon

I've had some clients lately who's life has done a 180 degree turnaround simply by changing their hypnotic stressful thoughts in a session with me.

Oh Boy do I LOVE what I do!

But what's really interesting to me is, three of the women who came to see me recently said, I am a secret to their partner, or husband.

"Oh they would never understand what you do" one said to me.

Another said.
"He wouldn't understand why I came to see you because he lives what you teach and does not understand why someone would need to be reminded to live the way he lives naturally.

Lucky guy I thought!

Another said..

"I told him I was going to see a old friend I hadn't seen for ages who lives in your suburb, as he would never get what it is your do!"

I am their Secret Weapon against the stressful and life threatening mental stories they had been believing as real.

If  I was to ever meet their incredible partners, all of them would kiss the ground I walk on because I have given back to them the woman they feel in love with.

One said to me when she arrived home after work,  she had a lunch session with me, her husband said to her.

"What happened to you today?"

She said,  "nothing why?"

 "You look COMPLETELY different, he said, you have changed in some way, kinder, more relaxed. Where have you been today and what have you been doing," he insisted.

Oh how these men would thank me if they knew what had been going on, but for some reason, the fact that I call myself a teacher of Deliberate Creation who connects with nonphysical energy and channels exactly what my client needs to remember at the time, is way too way-out for them.

 But hey! It is working and FAST!!!

One woman hadn't made love with her husband in years, she had left him many times with a huge story of mistrust, betrayal and money problems under her belt. Even her kids said to her, "Go mum, get out while you can."

But after a conversation with me, she went home and practised what she had been reminded of, and had the BEST sex they'd had in years.

I remember she said to me during our time together.. Do you mean to say if I Change my story about him, I will live with a better husband?" And that's EXACTLY what happened!!

They began the honeymoon period all over again, and the grumpy spiteful man she used to live with became a beautiful, generous, loving and caring partner again. They even went on a second honeymoon weekend together, that he paid for.

"I just want to feel good again, I'm sick of feeling so stressed all the time." one woman said to me.

It is AMAZING the miracles that happen when we change the way we think and feel.

 I never counsel people about their relationships with their significant other,  it's none of my business.

I only repair the relationship they're having with themselves,  and the rest falls into place.

Can I just say it again.... Oh boy DO I LOVE my JOB!!

Just can't get enough of watching people transform, redesign and improve the way they live, love and feel...

Until next time Remember... "Love is you, Remember to feel it"

KS xx

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