Monday, 24 February 2014

Charlotte Dawson and Why do they kill themselves?

KAren Swain; Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Mentor, Radio Host, Author, Film Maker

Tragedy and speculation seems to be sweeping mainstream media with news of the suicide of Charlotte Dawson.

 Why do you think people kill themselves?

I guess only they can tell you that, and I suspect if you asked them they would say, I wanted to end my suffering.

When we feel bad, we always look for ways to feel better, and sometimes death can seems like the only way we can put an end to our suffering. We think we must get rid of the apparatus that seems to hold it... Our physical body.

I knew Charlotte, many years ago when I was young and drop dead gorgeous. We used to go to the same parties, fashion parades and night clubs. Once,  I was at a big fashion event in Melbourne, I had on a spray on velvet little black dress and a long blonde hair piece, ohhh did I look hot, and I guess Charlotte must of thought so too, as the next night she turned up in the same outfit, even with the blonde hair piece. They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

Like many people in the fashion industry, Charlotte spent a lot of time thinking about her looks and feeling identified by her appearance. I did too in those days. I spent many sad moments judging myself for not being good enough based on my own critical thoughts about my appearance and how I didn't measure up to the way fashion magazines portrayed beauty. Ever seeking more ways in which to look better and so feel better about myself.. It was exhausting!

Today I am middle aged, fat and ageing gracefully and I feel better about myself today than I have ever felt before, and yet I look nothing like the beauty we as supposed to conform to.

Life is more exciting for me today than I think it has ever been, and yet I do not have the trappings that  society and the style magazines say we need to be happy.

I don't have a loving partner, my own house, a fit beautiful body, lots of money or even a family that surrounds and supports me. But I am  having a ball discovering new people, places and adventures, I'm all fired up about my bright future, and Love the people who are in my life.

I may not have all of life's trappings at the moment, but I have my blissful thoughts, and Live my values, which are in alignment with WHO we are as human beings.

Where do you put your value?

I value people, service, empowerment, spiritual connection, knowing I am a co- creator  in this life with an unseen source of Love and Joy. I value my ability to choose how I think and feel. I value my self-empowerment and I value helping others know theirs too. I value this over all else and because I value this, I have created it in my life, and it feels really great.

I do sometimes get really sad that I haven't yet manifested the beautiful home I want, the beautiful body I want or another beautiful husband I want, and then I REMEMBER these things are Not the source of my happiness.... I AM!

This is what I want everyone to know. Our happiness is not based on our material world, it is based on what we give value to and how we live our values.

What I want to know is, did anyone tell Charlotte, ' it is NOT IMPORTANT what you LOOK like of what other people say about you. If others are criticising or judging you. Their cruel rants are a statement about their negative state of mind and Not about WHO YOU ARE!!!!' Where are you putting your values?

Only people in pain want to cause pain to others, they are not be to shamed or abused or to be beaten down... they are screaming for help and need to be helped and taught more empowering points of views about life and what is possible for them.

People only want to hurt others because they feel they can not have what they want and we get sad because we believe this lie too.

I wonder if Charlotte saw her twitter attackers in a compassionate light and felt she could help them, or others who feel disempowered too, instead of feeling she had to defend herself from them, she may have felt less abused and victimised.

It's our thoughts we need to change, not the people who abuse or hurt us, because as we change the way we treat ourselves inside with our thinking, we change the vibrations we put out into life. And when we have loving, compassionate, kind and empowering thoughts about ourselves and others, it feels really good and we receive them back.

This is SO important and I want everyone to remember;  Love is who we are and what we could value most.

LOVE is what I value most, Being Love, Giving Love and Spreading Love & Joy and judging the way mainstream media is portraying these tragic suicide stories, I've got my work cut out for me in this life time.

Suicide is not tragic for the ones who do it, for they do put an end to their suffering and reemerge back to the Infinite, Blissful, Unconditional Love and Joy of our true nature.  It is only tragic to those who are left behind asking the question... 'How can we stop the suffering that leads to such a permanent act?'

LOVE IS YOU... Remember to feel it

KAren Swain
KAren Swain; Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Mentor, Radio Host, Author, Film Maker


  1. Thoughtfully said Karen, each of us are given challenges in life, our response and how much energy we focus on it allows it to manifest.
    As you sy Charlotte is now in a place of total love

    1. Thanks Paula, This is a sensitive subject, and many people are getting very head up about it..You understand the power of our FOCUS .. :D