Monday, 13 January 2014

Beach Days

Beach Days

Yesterday was my first day at the beach this summer! Crazy really, as I live three block from it and  have been travelling down the coast over the holiday season and seen some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. But life, people and events got in the way of relaxing and spending precious time with the earth, sun and sea. 

OMG how beautiful it is. We are really just so lucky and blessed in this country, especially if we live on the coast. The sight of the ocean is one of the most beautiful sights I can gaze upon.

So I made a date with myself and I walked down the road, dove into the incredibly blue water, which was like a lake, no waves, and then headed up to the women pool to bask in the sun.

Behind me were a couple of young english girls talking about how they had been dreaming about coming to Australia to sit in the sun and bask at the beach. And it dawned on me, what I take for granted, people overseas dream about and save and save to get here.

What an eye opener this was  for me, putting off what people dream about doing. My excuses had been, too hot, too crowded, tomorrow, next time, more work to finish and on and on.

How many times do I do this, when I know if I just made a small effort it would be soooo worth it.
And again it's so crazy to think for me, it is a small effort, but for others it is a HUGE effort to save the money for the airfare, get on a plane for 100 hours, find somewhere to live, buy towels, swimmers etc, and get themselves to the beach..

I will never take it for grated again!

And I feel so much better for being in the ocean and look a thousand times better with a one day old tan.

I think I might just take myself off to do the same thing right now.

My blogging hasn't been going too well lately,  I guess I will have to get into the habit of it, but this will take more than a couple of entries I suspect.

I was all fired up about this at the beginning of the year, how easily we can forget our new years intentions, maybe instead of challenging myself to do it every day, I could have been a little easier on myself and made a commitment to every week...

Off for a swim now, until next time keep basking
ks xx :D

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