Saturday, 4 January 2014

Put your Power where your Mounth is

5 Jan 2014

Oops didn't get to blog yesterday, was having too much fun doing my radio show, in which we celebrated our vulnerabilities and then I caught up with old friends I love.

 It just wouldn't be the Christmas season if I didn't spend some time with my beloved and beautiful friends.

Jan was a friend of my Mothers, they met each other in the heady days of there youth. Jan was, and still is in her 70's, a professional model and mum was a show girl. Two of the most beautiful women you could lay your eyes on, although Jan was 10 years younger than mum, they partied together, went to each others weddings, cried on each other shoulders when their marriages broke down and supported each other when they were single parent bringing up children. Jan was there for mum when she became sick and watch her vibrant life fall into a world of pain and depression during the chemo years.

My two brothers and I  grew up with Jan and her children, Cassie and Luke. Luke left the planet far too young 8 years ago, I loved him so he was so full of life and wonder and Cassie is one of my dearest friends. We have known each other for so long, we've seen each others lives change, stay the same, evolve, be marred with tragedy and celebration and expand. As young girls we lived together and partied together. Boy have we partied together! I was recently partying with Cassie and her fabulous friends for her 50 birthday in Byron Bay. Never let the troubles of life get in the way of an opportunity to bring people together to party and celebrate, would be one of her mottos.

A celebrated makeup artist, Cassie's life is never dull. She is one of those people everyone wants to know. A lover to the core, she adores life, her son, her family and friends. She finds so much joy of life through knowing, loving and connecting with people. Her mobile is constantly buzzing with another eager fan and friend wanting to talk to her.

She was told me, "putting make up on people and styling their hair is like being a therapist, everyone pours out their heart to you." And Cassie is a listener. She hears you, truly hears you and I think this is why so many want to know her. It's just so wonderful to be heard in this life were everyone is screaming out something.

I know I get in trouble from my daughter who believes I never listen to her. She tell me this all the time. "You never listen to be mum," she says.. And to a point she is right..

I am not someone to hear how victimised you feel or to indulge you in your limiting stories about yourself. Oh boy do people LOVE to tell them, people love to go on and on about how unfair life can be, how hurt they get and how other people are responsible for their pain.

I believe we are responsible for all of it, and therefore we can change all of it.

 We can change the way people respond to us, we can have people eating out of our hands, if we want them to. We can change any situation because we can change the way we look at it.

We can Change our Vibration, which determines everything we live, in the change of a thought and when we do, EVERYTHING CHANGES!!!

Really, we have no control over anything BUT our vibration, so when we change the way we think and feel about things, we bring about all we are screaming for...

So if someone is telling me about how limited they feel and how bad things are, I don't hear it. Instead I HEAR want they are screaming for.

I hear the desire birthed within the problem, and I listen to THAT!!

I believe we are all infinite potential... we have the ability to be, do and have anything we want, so I will not buy into your story of blame, victimisation or limitation.

 I Will Listen to you speak about what you Love, what you are good at, what you want, dream about and wish to create, because I know when we put our FOCUS on something, good or bad, we bring it into reality.

 I Know how powerful our thoughts and focus is, and I also know you do NOT want what you are complaining about. You WANT the opposite of it...

 So PUT your focus there, because when you do you put your Power to have it there too.

I will not hear your limiting story but I WILL hear your potential. This gives me selective hearing and may not win me many fans, but oh boy does it change people lives... And that's what I'm all about!

Until tomorrow
ks xx

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