Thursday, 2 January 2014

WOW this blogging thing is really a GAS

At Home and at work, getting back into the swing of things and excited about the year ahead.

Here I sit at my laptop working on tomorrows radio show and I remembered I have to write my blog!!

I promised myself I would do this each day for at least 30 days. It's not something I am used to so I will have to discipline myself to do it and change my habit of always talking about other peoples stories and share more of mine.

How do I work out what I will talk about on radio you may wonder? I always talk about what's happening in my life. It is the best way to do it because I don't have to come up with a theme I just talk about what people are talking about around me. Or I have a few shows all lined up as I pre-record other peoples stories.

But you know what I find so amazing, as I present other peoples life stories each week on radio, their message is alway so pertinent to my life at the time. The synchronicity of life always blows me away.

I LOVE the way life shows up these days. One synchronistic event after the other,  always something for me to learn, remember or share with others. Being in the flow of life as it takes me down stream is just about the best fun I can have.

But then the dreaded habitual limiting thoughts hit me and BANG, it throws me right out of the flow and scrambling to climb back into the boat, which is beings pushed down stream at the rate of knots towards my desires.

The bank account is bare again. How did I spend all that money that seemed to be there just a short time ago. Where does it go and why can't I get a handle on this money storey which says to me, one day abundant the next day broke...

I will have to FIX that this year, I think to myself, until my inner being reminds me I can NOT fix anything I am focusing on in a negative way, for the very act of my focus on the problem exaggerates the vibration which created it.

Oh Right I forget... NO FIXING this year. More enjoying and knowing all is well and NOT believing my negative thoughts about my limits.

WOW this blogging thing is really a GAS!

 Im lovin it, getting my thoughts on the page each day, it's a nice reminder to listen to my common sense and my inner being.

You should try it, or is our internet already too clogged with people using it like a diary?

Until tomorrow back to organising tomorrows radio show, we will play some of the chats I've had with amazing people in 2013, and of course the fabulous Dr Brene Brown who talks so eloquently about connection, begin out there in the arena exposed for all to see and Darling GREATLY.

Check them out



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