Thursday, 2 January 2014

Setting in the stage for 2014 sharing my stories.

As we explode into another year many of us feel we have to make this year better than the last. Why? Wasn't last year good? Maybe it was and maybe it wasn't but the urge to move forward and to improve our lives in some way keeps us reaching for more and moving in a direction of self-improvement.

So what do you want this year? Do you have a new years wish or resolution? Maybe you had something you wanted and didn't achieve last year, so this year seems like the perfect platform in which to achieve it.

For me, my intention is to be more exposed, vulnerable, I want to to speak more about myself, my life and share my thoughts with others in a forum such as this, a blog or on facebook. 

I lead a pretty amazing existence and meet some of the most fascinating people and have a very rich inner world of communion with my higher-self or inner-being, but it's so much more my nature to find out and talk about others.  I never really speak about myself, even when people ask me about my life, I find myself saying , "Oh life is great, but tell me about you."

I am not sure what keeps me quite when it come to talking about myself, I have found over the years when interviewing people or guiding people to a healthier and happier life, that it is our personal stories which help us feel more connected and drive us forward on this journey we call our life. 

We LOVE to hear other peoples stories and how they live. This is why TV soaps or movies and biographies are so popular, even when we make it all up, we still strive to know about other people.

I was once told by a researcher friend, the reason most people love to talk endlessly about themselves is because when we do we produce more dopamine, a neurotransmitter hormone which is responsible for good feelings in our body, and again I wondered why I don't do it more, but instead always seek and speak of other peoples adventures.

I guess I just love to know about who we are and what makes us tick. 

So this blog is part of my new years resolution. 'Im gonna yak more about me and share my thoughts and chats with my inner-being and some of the amazing things that happen to me on a daily basis in the hope that my stories will help you love your story more.'

When I mentioned my new years intent to my family, I had a huge backlash about how dangerous facebook is, ( it's big brother watching us and exposing our every move) and how no one wants to hear about who we are and what we do with our lives. They said "Why do people post photos of themselves on the Internet anyway?.."

 I guess it really hit a nerve with them about feeling exposed and the right to live a private life. It must have brought up fears about being vulnerable, people would see who we really are when we are not being fabulous, all-together or perfect. But the truth is, we all see each others achilles heal because it is just too hard to hide. 

Many people feel too vulnerable putting their thoughts out into the world, or sharing their hopes, dreams and fears. It can be really scary to think when we lay it out there for all to witness we may be  judged harshly by others. 

 But I truly believe sharing our stories and our inner most selves with each other is what makes the world go around, it helps us all feel more connected and alive. And I am all for that!

So here's to a juicy, vulnerable, exposed and delicious 2014

More to come... KS xx