Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What is Enlightenment?

There are so many teacher around today all wanting to enlighten us with their philosophy, dogma and spiritual practice.

Recently I attended a meditation evening, which stated it was for relaxation, with some lovely people who were intending to do just this. What I encountered was their special brand of spiritual processes to bring in the light and clean up the dark so we can be at peace and more relaxed in our lives. As I arrived they told me they were cleaning up the negative energy in my suburb. They said they had been looking into the area and found some really BAD energy that needed to be dealt with.

But like many well meaning healers, teachers and guru's of the light, their practice entailed looking for the so called dark or negative energy in order to clear or heal it..

This is the mistake so many of us make, we think in order to rid ourselves of unwanted negative energy, people or situations we have to find it, see it, focus on it and talk about  it in order to clear ourselves of it.

Haven't you notice, the unwanted get's our attention?
Be it pain in our body, stress, sadness or any perceived negative energy, we are usually aware that it is around .. We don't have to go looking for it.

When we remember the law of attraction says, 'that which we give our attention to grows,' we come to an understanding that in order to change or transform anything we have to find the desire birth from the contract.

Meaning; we have to shift our focus from what is unwanted to was is WANTED, what is appreciated, what is desired and put our powerful attention on that which we wish to create.

So clearing anything means to evoke good feeling, or positive energy. It means to Appreciate what is GREAT about it, what is beautiful what IS wanted.  See the gift, focus on what you appreciate, and if you can't find something to appreciate, change the subject so you can.

There is going to be negative energy in every suburb, person and situation. This IS a contrasting environment we live in, Good and Bad is all part of the plan. But we do not have to invite more of what we do not want into our live by looking for it so we can heal or clear it.

I find many people who like to think they're enlightened because they have been seated at the foot of the guru or spiritual practice, are still fighting the good fight. The light over the dark, good over evil.

As as much fun as this can be, its really not necessary and a very slow way to create what we want to manifest, or transformation and change in our lives.

Many well meaning healers or spiritual people seem to seek out the bad in you in order to fix you or heal you. 

They focus on the differences between you and them, because you don't know what they know about consciousness,  or  their enlightenment and spiritual practice. They'll call you unenlightened, asleep, ignorant, not conscious or unaware.  

Any limiting judgement of another being is just another way of pinching off our alignment to the pure positive energy which is available to everyone from source, and in fact keeps us from receiving the benefits from the spiritual practice we're engaging in. I have seen many newagers pass these judgements on me and others.

Enlightenment is about seeing our sameness and appreciating our differences.

It is about finding our common ground and knowing you are in my space because Law of Attraction has brought us together as there is something you want, that I want too.

It is not about fighting or pushing against anyone or anything.

It's a knowing that everything in life happens for our benefit and not to us, to overcome.

It is about taking responsibility for the energy and the people we attract into our lives.

It is about Loving what is, because we have attracted it with our powerful focus, and if we don't like it, we can change it at the speed of a thought.

Enlightenment is not just giving lip service to, but knowing and living the knowledge that  WE ARE ONE.. and ALL IS WELL..

KAren Swain

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