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John of God “ The Miracle Man from Brazil.”

John of God “ The Miracle Man from Brazil.”

June 2001

In our daily search for certainty and reassurance that the Universe or God is taking unconditional care of us. We look for proof in uncertain times that we can truly TRUST every need is provided for and that we are Loved and will receive our desires.
In a remote village in Brazil, I found one of the most astounding example of this with a world renowned Healer known as John of God. Home to the Casa Dom Inacio. (House of St Ignacious). This is a place where hundred sometimes thousand gather to see and receive the healing powers of God.
João Teixeira, as he is known in his native tong of Portuguese, has been treating and healing the sick there for over thirty years. An extraordinary medium from childhood, he had only two years schooling, yet he has treated over 20 million people. Many of whom have been cured instantly of chronic and terminal diseases. A humble man, João makes no pretence that it is his personality doing the healing. “It is your faith in a higher Power that cures all.” he says
During a healing sessions João will incorporate entities. These are the spirit guides working with him that take over his body in order to perform physical operations. There are over 30 guides that, one at a time, incorporate João’s body. Many more create the experiences of the Casa. Most of the sprits working with João have been Healers, Doctors, surgeons or men of God, such as Dom Inacio, in lives lived before. It is a silent process. One when experienced, seems very normal. There is no fan fare, no lighting bolts, the experience here is the silent serene power of Love.
In July 2002 I travelled to Brazil with two girl friends, Maree and Karen, to see for myself the work being performed there. Through my practice as a Healer I have spoken to many people who had returned from JOG with tales of wonder and amazement. But it was when my friend Maree came back from her first trip two years ago, healed of a thyroid condition and shinning like the sun, I knew I had to go and experience this for myself.
Although I had no real health issues my experience was profound. In this tiny remote village in the centre of Brazil  I met people from all over the world, from all religions with many different reasons to be there from curiosity to terminal illness. As I sat in a quaint little cafe in the street of the Casa (house of JOG), surrounded by different faces, languages, health conditions and ages, I experienced a profound unity, one of unconditional oneness and Love. We came together with the one focus, to remember Love and receive Healing. How wonderful I thought, this is how the world could be. What an extraordinary reminder of the power of Love.
The stories of healing’s are enormous. Terminal cancers disappearing before your eyes. The blind see, the cripple walk. There is a whole room dedicated to discarded wheel chairs and crutches. I saw people stand on the viewing platform being cut open with no pain, little blood and no anaesthetic. Wounds were sometimes sealed over with the wipe of a finger. João, when he incorporates a doctor entity, plunges his unsterilised knife into the body of people who have requested a physical operation, and pulls out large tumorous masses with his hands. He will scrape their eyeballs with a sharp knife, Inserts scissors, with cotton buds on the end, into the nostrils and propels them into their head. Everyone who receives these visible operations is awake and have said after, they experience very little, to no pain.
These and many more are the stories of the visible physical operations João in entity performs in front of the waiting crowed. They gather morning and afternoon Wednesday to Friday to receive a healing and to watch the miracles. João performs these visible operations not to heal, but to show us the power of God and the power of our faith. Most people, in need of an operation, choose to have an invisible operation, sitting for hours in a  room filled with other meditators, while they are operated on silently and unseen by spirit.
In entity João will receive everyone who comes to the Casa. No judgment is placed on who you are or what you have done with your life. He receives everyone as an equal and sees our blue print, which is the sum total of our life, our past lives and our entire being. Thus knowing everything there is to know about who we are as a Human and what our soul is wishing to experience. It is with this information, João, in entity, issues instructions for our treatment. Many receive Herbs, some are asked to have Operations, with a choice of visible or invisible, and some are instructed to sit in the Current room.
What is the Current?
The power of the casa is” The Current Rooms.” These are rooms filled with mediums and people receiving Healing. They sit with eyes closed in a silent meditation. João says, the energy generated by the presents of us sitting with in meditation is what enables the many Healing’s to take place. It provides and energy field for the spirit doctors to operate and nourishes João’s physical body while he operates, enabling him to see up to three thousand people in one day. It is in one of these rooms, João in entity sits to receive the people who have come for the miracles. The beauty of the current room is the spiritual law of life. As you give service, in being a part of the current, so you receive. As you receive healing, so you serve the greater good of all.
As a healer I have seen the power of the body, or infinite intelligence, heal in an instant, but still I have asked. What dose it take to fulfil our desires, whether it is healing, security, love, money or enlightenment.
Now I understand, it is Unwavering Faith.
Faith that the Universe knows what it’s doing and has our best interest at heart. Faith that the Universe grants our every wish, when we believe and allow it to be.
Faith that we can enjoy life and relax because we will always get what we want, although it may look a little different to what we expected.
What dose it take to know this faith?
It is the knowing that we are the power of the Creator, we hold the key to all possible realities. Through the power of our thoughts and beliefs, words and actions we create our world.
The thought that the universe is on your side, is a powerful one. It’s only when we forget we are LOVED, that it may take an illness, or sometimes even death, to remind us.
One of the most amazing conversations I had in Brazil was with a New Zealand nurse named Simmone. She had come to Brazil, not to see João, but on an assignment as the carer for a little quadriplegic boy who was injured in a foot ball accident four years earlier. Simmone was not a believer in anything spiritual, until it came to her turn to go before João when he was with entity.
As she stood in the line that shuffles through the current rooms, she saw sitting in the corner meditating, her young sister who was tragically killed in a car accident a year earlier. In tears she came before João in entity and asked,” why have you shown me this”
“I needed to show you something so you would believe in my House.” He said.
João says that the Casa Dom Inacio was created not to Heal the sick but to show humanity the existence of God. To experience this for yourself, faith is the unseen power.
My experience showed me that the people who heal totally are the believers. The ones with no doubt that the power of God can cure them. It is the doubters asking questions such as, can this be real, will I really be healed and dose God really Love ME, who take the time to heal, or leave and go home to die.
When the doubt stops, the Healing is done.
João always maintains… “There are no miracles that occur at my House of Dom Inacio. I do NOT Heal anyone. The only thing that happens here, is YOUR faith in God. I do not do the physical operations to heal people, I do them because you need something to see, to believe.”
João Teixeira built the Casa Dom Inacio to demonstrate the Love of God.

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