Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fat 50 and time to Juice!

OK so it's 2015!!! WHAT!
How did we get here?

A New Year a New Attitude towards myself....

So I looked at some photo's taken of me recently and thought OMG I can't believe How FAT I am, I'm the size of a house!!!
Here are some pics, you'll see what I mean

So I posted a cry for help on facebook..

  ( Just looking at photos from christmas and OMG AM I FAT! Can anyone out there help me lose some weight?)  

And had so many replies from people, some I know and some I don't, all wanting to help me lose weight with a specific diet plan, products, advice and more. It was nice to see how many people bothered to read it and reply.

But someone sent me info about Joe Crosse's film, 'Fat Sick and nearly Dead ' which is about him doing a 60 day juice fast while travelling across America, and I thought to myself ... I can do this, no following diets, taking pills, exercise gyms . I can buy veggies and fruit and pop them in my juicer and off we go.!

What I also thought when I saw Joe doing his weight loss journey of juicing and fasting on camera is, when we share our journey it inspires us to keep going, well at least it inspires me. So I am helping myself, AND this could help others too. This ALWAYS Inspires me!!

I think it's given me the commitment to do it, and STOP procrastinating about how I should!

Walking my daughters dog, who is staying with me, and sharing this journey is definitely my Secret weapon to making this happen!!

Exercising is boring, but if it helps my little fury mate to get his daily exercise, then exercising me becomes easy.

You see I am someone who lives to help others, and I neglect myself much of the time. So if when I do something for myself and it helps another, I'm happy and happy to do it.

As I write this I am 10 days into the fast and I have lost some weight, but the most amazing thing is I did it so easily.

I did stray a few times and eat a boiled egg or two and a few nuts, but I was only juicing twice a day, so I forgive myself.

This weekend I have a wedding so I plan to eat for the two days of the weekend and get back into juicing next week.. Let's see how I go and where this takes me. :D

I recommend if you are interested, to see Joe's film and he has done the sequel 6 years later 'Fat Sick and nearly Dead 2. ' It's a great film!

If you are interested in my journey I did some videos, check them out below...

Day 3

Day 5

My Secret Weapon! :D

Day 6

Day 7


Day 8

I was really hungry on day 8 so I had a boiled egg and some nuts

Day 9

Had two more boiled eggs today and some more nuts, but I have been only drinking juice twi e a day, so no wonder i am hungry!

Day 10
I DID IT!! well almost! still starving, but I KNOW my body has PLENTY of energy and food store to work with, it's all over me... :D

What is your Plan to love yourself more this year

KS xx

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